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XOXO 2.0 Trucks kit from Colorado Skate Hardware Co. 3 inch truck hangers ( sold in a set of 4 for Roller Skates)

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XOXO 2.0 hangers from Colorado Skate Hardware Co. 3 inch truck hangers kit 

( sold in a set of 4 ) 


 New!!  We have added the Kissy Fit Kit to the XOXO 2.0 ( three sizes of bottom cushions to help you get the correct truck height ) 




Kit contains: 4 trucks, 4 soft rubber pivot cups, 4 mini pivot cups, three heights if bottom cushions.  


The XOXO is a retro fit truck kit that will fit some but not all 10 to 12 degree roller skate plates. Because of the endless slider block, plate, cushion combinations it will be up to the installer to test fit the trucks before skating.


Depending on your plate setup you may need to use different pivot cups and/or shorter cushions. The included cushions and pivot cups may be used if needed.


Install notes on tested Plates.  

Avanti plates – good fit, will need to change the pivot cups to the soft rubber cups. May need shorter cushions if used with slide blocks. 


Sunlite plates - good fit with pivot cup change to the mini pivot cups. May need shorter cushions if using slide blocks.  We are getting reports that the Sunlite plates may not be strong enough to support the wide trucks and added abuse from park / aggressive  roller skating.  Also we are finding that the Sunlite plate angle does not 100% match the xoxo truck angle.  We would recommend the Avanti plates over the Sunlite plates for use of the XOXO trucks.    


Marvel (Beach bunny) plates – good fit with pivot cup change to mini pivot cups. It may be helpful to remove the silver spacer from under the cushions on some setups. May need shorter cushions if using slide blocks.


XOXO 2.0 Trucks kit from Colorado Skate Hardware Co. 3 inch truck hangers ( sold in a set of 4 for Roller Skates) Reviews

Based on 10 reviews


Posted by Ashley Daniels on Jan 16 2023

These trucks are so cute and stable! Big fan of them. Plus they're super affordable.

Xoxo trucks

Posted by Kiersten on Oct 21 2022

They are so light I’m in love

XOXO wide trucks

Posted by Lindsey on Feb 13 2022

I got the orange and I love it with my green apple skates. Trucks are lighter than expected and easily installed in the Avanti mag plate. I feel stable and ready for different tricks with these trucks. Very happy with this equipment.

in love with them

Posted by lelia on Dec 07 2021

I just made the switch to wide trucks and I love these so much. They were easy to install and came with instructions on which pivot cups to change out to. I decided to go with the 2.0 truck kit because it came with the pivot cups and the extra cushions in different sizes! If you're thinking of trying wide trucks for the first time, I highly recommend these. Just make sure to check if your plate is compatible (e.g., will not work with reactor plate)!

Great trucks

Posted by Sarah on Nov 26 2021

Super cute trucks, very stable and not too heavy. Love the colors and the different sized cushions were great!


Posted by Zuleyma on Nov 22 2021

Love these! Put these on my stock beach bunny’s and absolutely loved it!!!

Why wait,do it now.

Posted by Melissa on Nov 12 2021

Awesome! Don’t know why I waited so long to go Into wide trucks.

xoxo 2.0 wide trucks

Posted by a b on Oct 28 2021

fit my sunlite plate great once you replace the pivot cups with the smaller ones that come in the kit. and the cushion kit is a LIFE SAVER. can't wait to use my new trucks


Posted by sarah on Oct 13 2021

These are GREAT! I just got them... They fit my Avanti plates great, and skate amazing! I feel so much better skating in them! One think I did wish for was instructions, or an instructional video of how to get the pivot cups out of my Avanti plate, AND then how to install the xoxo truck. I think I got it right... but wish I knew for sure!