Sure Grip - Avanti Magnesium Plates ( set of two plates )

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Sure-Grip brings you the next generation in plate design, the Avanti. Offered in both Magnesium and Aluminum, this 10 degree double action plate is built to last. With our exclusive use of magnesium in plate construction, we’ve crafted a sleek hollow design to give skaters performance and durability without sacrificing lightness. We’ve made mounting easy by including four mounting holes in the front of the plate to aid in mounting different boot types. Mounting hardware included. The Avanti Magnesium Plate includes a newly designed precision adjustable pivot truck that can withstand the intensity while giving you balance and durability, both the truck and plate are powder coated with a white finish. The Avanti Aluminum Plate includes a standard fixed pivot double action truck, both polished aluminum. Plates will come with black axle nuts and mounting hardware. Also include are Sure-Grip super cushions, 4 conical and 4 barrel, 5/16" axles (8mm). Magnesium alloy plate (white plate) is roughly 48% lighter than the aluminum version (Aluminum plate).

Product Reviews

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    Great plates!

    Laura on Jul 05 2021

    Just mounted these plates on a pair of custom Nike Blazers. They are sturdy and reactive and it's easy to adjust the trucks and the toe stop. (Just a heads up that the toe stops these plates come with are 5 thumbs down in my opinion. Recommend changing them out immediately)

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    Good Plates

    Jason on May 15 2021

    I'm new to roller skating so take this into consideration. These plates seem to be well made and they fit my needs well. The main reason I got these plates is that I wanted a locking toe stop. I got the magnesium plates to try and keep the weight down & I wish I had been able to find specs with the weights for all of the different plates I was considering before making my purchase. The Avanti magnesium plates (size 6 plates for my size 9 Boardwalks) only weighed a few ounces more than the Sure Grip Rock nylon plates they replaced. Avanti magnesium plate & trucks = 18 oz. vs 15.2 oz. for the nylon Rock plate & trucks. I noticed that the wheelbase (axle to axle) is about a cm or two longer on the Avanti plates vs. the Rock plates. I'm not sure how much difference this made and how much can be attributed to other things like the bushing durometer, pivot pin adjustment, etc., but they definitely handled differently when I first skated on them & I had a few falls until I got used to the way they handled (remember I'm a new skater and had only used the stock Rock plates before this). One criticism I have that is probably common to all brands and plates and not unique to the Avanti's: these should really come with mounting instructions. Mounting them wasn't really all that hard (for me, with an engineering background), but marking the centerline wasn't as straightforward as I found online that there are a few different schools of thought on how to do it correctly. As a newbie I felt like I just had to pick one of the methods from the various blog posts and forum threads I found online and just hope for the best. I got them marked and mounted and they seem to be ok, but it would have been much less stressful if they had simply included a sheet with mounting instructions straight from the manufacturer. All in all, these seem to be great plates & I'd recommend them if you're thinking of upgrading to a metal plate keep in mind I'm a newb & this is my first set of metal plates, so I have nothing else to compare them to).