Could you be the next owner of Skate Ratz?

Could you be the next owner of Skate Ratz?

   This might be the opportunity that changes your life!  First, Skate Ratz is a thriving business that is here to stay. Kristin and I want to spread the word that we plan to pass the torch to the next owner of Skate Ratz in the next few years.  Since we established Skate Ratz in 2009, we have relocated and changed the business focus multiple times. We have created an excellent business that caters to the best skate community.  We are not getting any younger and have other dreams to pursue.  Skate Ratz began as a small pro shop in an indoor skatepark, and it has now become one of the largest roller skate shops.  Our online customer base and local Colorado skate community are strong. We are not interested in handing over the business to just anyone. We seek someone with a passion for this unique and ever-changing sport/lifestyle.  The person or party must be a good fit for the business.  If you have a genuine interest, please contact us.

Thank you,

Bryan & Kristin

Skate Ratz

Jan 15 2024 bryan

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