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Moxi Skates - Fundae Skatepark / Street wheel ( set of 4 )

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Moxi Skates - Fundae Birthday Cake Skatepark / Street wheel ( set of 4 )

With these wheels, everyday is FUNDAE! A smooth blend of urethane that rolls from street to park. Fundae wheels are 57 mm in diameter and 34mm wide and come in the following cream swirl colors: Lavender, Bubble Gum (pink), Birthday Cake (blue) and Creme de Menthe (teal green). Recommended for slick park surfaces and those new to ramps AND streets and outdoors for those experienced in the streets and want more speed!
Both salty and sweet, Moxi's Fundae hybrid street and skate park wheels are a unique combination of what we do most in everyday skating: NEVER STOP. 
We don't want to stop to change our wheels for different surfaces, either. That's why we planned for nonstop, all-day long excursions with Fundae wheels.
Classic outdoor wheels are much too blubbery for the skate parks and harder park wheels are difficult to do much else with so we created Fundae wheels.
Shaped for the SKATE PARK
Poured for the STREETS
Fundae formula is FAST and resilient on asphalt and sidewalk commuting. It holds its shape for transitioning floors at skate parks. The shape of the wheel is narrow enough to pivot safely out of bails and carved in a way to avoid getting caught up on the coping.

Moxi Skates - Fundae Skatepark / Street wheel ( set of 4 ) Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Moxi fundae wheels

Posted by Brooke on Jul 26 2020

Amazing customer service and delivery time. Went from hopeful for them having a product to "duh they never disappoint". I love sk8ratz and doubt I will ever stray


Posted by Ariana Monteiro on Jul 23 2020

Fast in the streets and just enough speed in the skatepark. I was getting lazy with changing my wheels all the time and this has helped so much! Definitely my favorite wheels I’ve purchased!


Posted by Shainachu on Jul 02 2020

These are the best wheels I’ve tried yet. Such a good inbetween outdoor and indoor. Great for trying new things with stability

Moxi Fundae skatepark wheels

Posted by Julie on Dec 11 2019

Best skatepark wheels I've ever had! They're fast, smooth, look good on my skates, and easy to turn. Never could carve to the left before (my bad direction), but with these wheels, it's starting to happen! The rounded edges & narrow footprint are ideal.

Super smooth and fun

Posted by Mands on Mar 14 2019

Love these wheels! I just started skating a month ago and the wheels my rollerskates came with weren't the best. I was eager to upgrade since I've been seeing so many positive reviews about these wheels on Instagram. I'm so glad I got these because they really do go from street to rink and feel amazing on both surfaces. I love that you can ride over twigs, pebbles, and cracks in the road without tripping!! These wheels have really helped with my confidence in skating outdoors.

Awesome wheels!

Posted by Carie on Feb 27 2019

Love these wheels!!