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Moxi Skates - Fundae Skatepark / Street wheel ( set of 4 )


Please order TWO sets of 4 wheels for your Rollerskates. A pair of Rollerskates requires 8 wheels total.


Moxi Skates - Fundae Birthday Cake Skatepark / Street wheel ( set of 4 )

With these wheels, everyday is FUNDAE! A smooth blend of urethane that rolls from street to park. Fundae wheels are 57 mm in diameter and 34mm wide and come in the following cream swirl colors: Lavender, Bubble Gum (pink), Birthday Cake (blue) and Creme de Menthe (teal green). Recommended for slick park surfaces and those new to ramps AND streets and outdoors for those experienced in the streets and want more speed!
Both salty and sweet, Moxi's Fundae hybrid street and skate park wheels are a unique combination of what we do most in everyday skating: NEVER STOP. 
We don't want to stop to change our wheels for different surfaces, either. That's why we planned for nonstop, all-day long excursions with Fundae wheels.
Classic outdoor wheels are much too blubbery for the skate parks and harder park wheels are difficult to do much else with so we created Fundae wheels.
Shaped for the SKATE PARK
Poured for the STREETS
Fundae formula is FAST and resilient on asphalt and sidewalk commuting. It holds its shape for transitioning floors at skate parks. The shape of the wheel is narrow enough to pivot safely out of bails and carved in a way to avoid getting caught up on the coping.

Moxi Skates - Fundae Skatepark / Street wheel ( set of 4 ) Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

Moxi Fundae Wheels

Posted by Lisa Ratliff on Aug 17 2021

I love these wheels. Perfect size for rhythm skating at the park and the rounded edges make a difference.

Fundae wheels

Posted by Lis on May 20 2021

My kids love them for the skatepark


Posted by Sophia on Apr 05 2021

I changed my wheels from the 78a polyurethane wheel to these which are around 92a, and i was suprised how much faster they were, yet still soft. I took them to the park, and they have more agility because of the smaller diameter.

Great Park Wheels

Posted by Sydney on Mar 09 2021

I just started seriously skating two weeks ago, and I have already been getting into park skating. I did read some reviews before purchasing these wheels, but I am so glad that I did! I bought my skate set-up from Skate Ratz, so I was happy to buy from them again. Fast shipping, great service, and wonderful products!

If you have been to a park/ on smooth pavement and wondered why you were struggling with gummy wheels, then GET THESE! I am seriously in love with these wheels. I was able to accomplish so much more in these wheels at the park and it was awesome! (I even dropped in on a ramp for the first time in these bad boys!)

Amazing beginner park wheels

Posted by Rebecca on Dec 28 2020

I love them!


Posted by Victoria on Oct 15 2020

These moxi wheels were sold out EVERYWHERE. But I kept searching n skate ratz had them...in PINK! I was stoked (they are dope!) oh then the shipping was fast like yess who doesn’t love that. 10/10 they gave me a sticker too...thx guyz

Cute wheels

Posted by Ashley Bryner on Oct 14 2020

Very nice and good quality wheels. You get what your paying for and yes moxi wheels are all about the hype. Everything good you heard about them is true!

Love them!

Posted by Kristina Vicheto on Oct 14 2020

I really enjoy these wheels. Love the color and the quality is great! Would definitely recommend!

Love them!

Posted by Ashley Bryner on Oct 12 2020

I am so in love with these wheels of course I only order one set but I order another pair. But I love how fast and quick sk8ratz are with the orders. And there was stickers and a sheet showing what I order. Couldn't ask for much better service. Totally coming back here to order whatever I need. Thank you guys so much for what you do!!!