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XOXO Trucks kit from Colorado Skate Hardware Co. 3 inch truck hangers ( sold in a set of 4 for Roller Skates)



You might also want the Kissy Fit Kit to install your XOXO trucks. 

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XOXO hangers from Colorado Skate Hardware Co.  3 inch truck hangers kit  ( sold in a set of 4 - for Roller Skates) 



Kit contains: 4 trucks, 4 soft rubber pivot cups, 4 mini pivot cups. 8 cushions


The XOXO is a retro fit truck kit that will fit some but not all 10 to 12 degree roller skate plates. Because of the endless slider block, plate, cushion combinations it will be up to the installer to test fit the trucks before skating.


Depending on your plate setup you may need to use different pivot cups and/or shorter cushions. The included cushions and pivot cups may be used if needed.


Install notes on tested Plates.

Avanti plates – good fit, will need to change the pivot cups to the soft rubber cups. May need shorter cushions if used with slide blocks.


Sunlite plates - good fit with pivot cup change to the mini pivot cups. May need shorter cushions if using slide blocks.


Marvel (Beach bunny) plates – good fit with pivot cup change to mini pivot cups. It may be helpful to remove the silver spacer from under the cushions on some setups. May need shorter cushions if using slide blocks.


XOXO Trucks kit from Colorado Skate Hardware Co. 3 inch truck hangers ( sold in a set of 4 for Roller Skates) Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

XOXO Trucks

Posted by Jessica on Sep 14 2021

I put these on my Avante magnesium plate that previously had penny trucks and they are, in my opinion, exactly the same! I love them! They also fit my sunlight plates.

XOXO trucks

Posted by Cinthya on Aug 09 2021

These trucks are SO good! After a ton of research, I decided on these trucks for my Jack boots with the avanti mag plates. They were a bit of work to install (swapping pivot cups and trimming bushings), but skate ratz made it so easy with the kit. The trucks feel super stable AND they’re cute!!

The only reason they’re not 5 stars is that one side of each truck is a little too long. I tightened the wheel as far as they go and the wheel is still loose, but I solved that by just adding a second bearing cap on one side and it works just fine.


Posted by Lette on Jul 05 2021

Great looking trucks, have ridden on them only a few times but they feel really solid and it’s great to mix-match the colors!


Posted by Natasha on Jun 08 2021

AmazingWill definitely be getting another set for my moonlight I’ve been very excited to get wide trucks and these are absolutely perfect! They do also come with the mini pivot cups! They come with both size pivot cups which is great they’re a very comfortable ride and they put on my skates great!


Posted by Juliet on Apr 07 2021

Came in excellent condition. Came super fast for standard shipping. Always can depend on sk8rats for a satisfying purchase

XOXO Trucks

Posted by Jade on Feb 17 2021

Fit perfectly in on my side grip rock plate without any modifications. Shopping took only 3 days too.

Love the trucks!!

Posted by Skaterraid on Jan 20 2021

I use Avanti Aluminium and I was worried that the kingpins might stick out but the trucks allow some clearance so that is not an issue. The bushings are on a softer side but I like them. The pivot cups don’t make any noise when turning. Not too high. Just perfect!

XOXO trucks

Posted by Emma on Jan 13 2021

I love these trucks! They are beautiful and stable! Haven’t broken them in yet fully but I’m already in love! I also like that I can choose two different colors!

Xoxo trucks

Posted by Kris on Oct 16 2020

Nice, comes with cushions and pivot cups, light weight, no complaints so far!