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Superball toe stops - From gumball ball - roller derby toe stop

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What is this new Gumball Superball?
The new Superball is the industry's first & only dual Durometer / oversized toe stop! The super ball is a hollow - stem , 60 mm toe stop combining the best of both worlds , classic gumball natural rubber compound for ultimate grip & traction, along with eight slightly harder pods that run throughout the stop to give you better durability. This combination of dual compounds & oversized stopping surface insures the best the #1 toe stop in derby since its inception and with this new advancement in technology, Gumball will continue to solidofy its dominance within the market!

Superball toe stops - From gumball ball - roller derby toe stop Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Superball Toe Stops

Posted by Kahiki on Aug 19 2020

These toe stops are great if you’re looking for stability. Besides these, I’ve only used sure grip and Chaya toe stops. I’m very pleased with the super balls, definitely going to be my new go to! Large surface area, not heavy, solid support.

Superball toe stops

Posted by Shakillya on May 14 2019

I love these! I’m feeling super more stable that I used to on my mota ones. These have the quality of absorb impact better

Great big toe stops!

Posted by Andrea on Mar 05 2019

I'm excited to try my new big toe stops! I'm a newbie skater and I'm still working on my stops, so any help is welcome!