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Smith Scabs Safety Gear - KNEE GASKETS

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The Horseshoe pad is made of neoprene with additional impact absorbing knee padding. These knee gaskets specialize in provided support and comfort to people with weak or injured knees, and are not made to protect against hitting or scraping your knee. They are made of elastic neoprene material which wraps around all sides of the knee in order to provide maximum support. The knee gaskets provide support areas of the knees which other skate knee pads cannot provide. Also, they can be attached and worn under Smith Scab pads for additional extreme protection.

Smith Scabs Safety Gear - KNEE GASKETS Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Keep your natural knees longer with a great set of gaskets

Posted by Nonni on Jul 19 2016

Smiths gaskets have always been my favorite for the intense, and dare i say stupid, activities through which I drag my equipment. I recently had to use triple8 gaskets and while they are nice, they arent my Smiths. Fun fact, a large Smith gasket is a medium Triple8 gasket.


Posted by Adam on May 25 2016

If you wear knee pads, you should wear gaskets. If you wear gaskets you should wear these. If you wear these you should order them from here.

Smith Scabs knee gaskets

Posted by Unknown on May 01 2016

They're great & make a big difference in holding my knee pads intact.

Smith Gaskets are for me

Posted by Unknown on Dec 14 2015

I have skated Smith Knee Gaskets since the 80's. Through regular wear, I find a pair will last a year give or take. The extra cushion, knee support, and keeping your pads from slipping are what its about. If you wear knee pads, you should wear gaskets too.