Moxi / Riedell roller skate Pre - order update from

Posted by Skate Ratz shop shop On Sep 05 2020

Moxi / Riedell roller skate update from Skate Ratz skate shop

We would like to thank everyone for their excitement in roller skating this year!  Skate Ratz has been around for just over a decade; we have grown pretty fast and seen how roller skating has really changed over just 10 years. The main manufacturers of roller skating have been around for many generations, many of there prossesses are some what old fashioned.  We all would like to have live pre-order updates like when waiting for our Uber or Doordash. This is just not the case right now.  The only real updates we can give you at this time come when the skates are delivered to our shop. We can ask the factory for updates but all we get from them is " it will be 12 weeks from the order date". We understand this may be longer than we once told you. The truth is this industry was not prepared for this large of a growth in such a short time.  Skate Ratz has two owners Kristin and Bryan. Joe and Sam ( Evil-Ex) are our great employees. This is 4 people working together to run the retail store, online sales,build roller skates, shipping and receiving. We all wear many hats to offer the very best customer service as possible.  Believe me its getting very hard to answer the many questions and update requests every day ... We do apologize if we do miss an email , text , DM or facebook message. FYI there is no chance we can begin to reply to every comment on FB or Instagram so it best to send a message or email. We do want to give you the best info we can , so here is what we can offer at this time.  

Riedell / Moxi is telling us most special orders will take about 12 weeks to build. This is just a guideline; it may be longer or shorter because of many factors. Some factors are volume of orders, availability of material, quality control and shipping time. It takes many people to order, hand build and ship these roller skates.  This to be said Skate Ratz has many skates on order besides your pre orders.  Some customers have cancelled their pre-orders, but we still keep the skates on order, so at some point the 12 week waiting period will get back to the normal 2 to 6 weeks that we told you in May and June. If your order is older than 12 weeks please contact us and we will look into this. 

We are thanking you for your understanding and patience. If life will not allow you to wait any longer for the roller skate; the stock order can be canceled or changed.  The custom boots will be harder to cancel but they seem to come a little faster anyway. Again live updates are not really possible at this time. When the skates come into our shop we will ship them ASAP and email you the tracking info. 

We thank you for your support!  We all will be out skating soon!!

Kristin, Bryan, Sam and Joe.