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Posted by Skate Ratz shop shop On Sep 05 2020

UPDATE : 11/13/2020


   Yes - The statement that roller skating has exploded this summer is really an understatement. The roller skate industry did see a growth coming but not at this magnitude. We are very excited to see this growth, but with growth many problems can arise. Many of you have Moxi skate and boot orders still pending from very early summer. Skate Ratz is a small team of five people that are working very hard to provide the customer service you deserve. I want to let you know that we are working very closely with the factory to make sure all orders are placed and will be shipped as soon as possible. Many customers contact us every day asking for updates. We would love to give you updates, but we have very little to report. We want to be very clear, we can not get live updates on these orders from the factory. Skate Ratz has been working with Riedell / Moxi for about 10 years; back order updates have always been almost impossible to get until the skate is ready to ship. This is the normal process. When the skates or boots are ready to ship the factory they will send us tracking info. The shipping time is only 2 to 3 days from the Riedell factory to Skate Ratz. As soon as we get the skates we will send you an email with your tracking number.

If there is any questions on a custom skate build we will contact you ASAP via email or text. The best update I can offer is this...Right now we are seeing some stock Lollys and stock Jacks that we ordered in June and July. The Jack boots that had custom boot options are shipping much faster. We believe they must be built an separate production line. The custom boots we are seeing now are coming from July & August orders. We are asking for your patience and understanding in these very extended wait times.

I do understand this time frame is becoming unreasonable for some of you. If you would like to cancel your order, we would be glad to help you with this . We do ask that you take the refund minus the 3 to 5.5 % payment processing fees that we will need to pay. We can waive any fees if you put at least 10% on store credit for later use on our website. Please email with your order number and refund request. This might not be the update you are hoping for, but hopefully it will give you some insight and piece of mind that we are working hard to make sure you get your skates. 

Thank you,
Bryan, Kristin, Sammy, Joe and Emma

The following is an update from Riedell to the Dealers on 11/12/2020

Dear Valued Customer,

We want to take a moment to provide you with an update on our progress on Moxi Lolly and Jack production since our decision to pause accepting new orders went into effect on September 23rd, 2020.

Since we stopped accepting new orders for Lollys and Jacks, we have reduced our amount of backordered Lollys and Jacks by approximately 20%-25%. Two weeks ago, our secondary production facility began attaching plates, wheels, bearings, and toe stops to the boots they are building, and we received our first shipment of fully-attached skates from them late last week. The quality and accuracy of the work is 100% compliant with our standards.

This second-sourcing of plate mounting and full skate assembly will allow our total weekly capacity to increase in the coming weeks, though our global supply chain for raw materials and skate components remains incredibly strained. We are shipping all available materials and components by air at their earliest availability in an effort to get you and your waiting customers their skates as soon as possible.

We continue to monitor our progress daily, especially as it relates to us accepting new orders for Lollys and Jacks in the future. While we eagerly await the day we can begin allowing new orders again, more progress must be made on our current backorders so when we do begin accepting new orders again, our delivery times to you and your customers can be quick and reliable.

Please note this postponement of new orders does not apply to the Beach Bunny, Jungle, Panther, and all Moxi accessories. While many of these products are currently backordered, we will be receiving large amounts of inventory in the coming weeks and months.

We remain incredibly grateful for your continued support and patience, and we are determined to come out of this stronger than before.

Wishing you safety and health as we begin this holiday season,

The entire Riedell Skates family

Moxi / Riedell roller skate update from Skate Ratz skate shop

Update from (10/14/2020) from Riedell / Moxi customer service 

At this time we anticipate your orders will ship out in November or December but are first clearing up the orders placed in May then will concentrate on the June orders. We do appreciate your patience and are working diligently to produce skates and ship orders in the order they were received.There’s a high level of volatility in our materials and production supply chain and we are working on shortening the lead time even as we have seen our delivery timelines extended beyond what we are comfortable with. All colors and sizes are experiencing longer than usual delivery. It’s not specific to any certain color. 

Update from (10/6/2020)

Update for Moxi and Riedell orders placed from May to September 23rd

Yes, everything has been pushed back from this summer. We have seen many delays. Its early October now and we are just shipping stock Lollys and Jacks ordered in May and June.  The custom Jack boots are shipping a lot faster. We are hoping to see a lot more orders ship in the next 30 to 45 days.  Ship date updates will not be provided until we get you skates or boots in to our shop. 

When will you get an real update?

We really will not have a update until your skates or boot have shipped to our shop in Colorado. At this time we email you with the tracking info. If we are short any parts we will contact you asap. If this extended time line does not work for you we can always refund the order if its a stock boot order.  We can not likely cancel a custom Jack order. 

New color shade of clementine

Yes!  The Clementine suede color has changed to a much brighter orange. Please contact us ASAP if you would like to cancel your order.   

Orders placed after Sept 23rd

As of Sept 23 the Moxi factory has stopped taking orders until they can get caught up. If you placed an order on or before this date your order was placed.  Yes, we are still taking new orders with your understanding that we do not have a projected time line yet. We can only tell you it will be 2021.  

(the below is the update from 9/3/2020)

We would like to thank everyone for their excitement in roller skating this year!  Skate Ratz has been around for just over a decade; we have grown pretty fast and seen how roller skating has really changed over just 10 years. The main manufacturers of roller skating have been around for many generations, many of there prossesses are some what old fashioned.  We all would like to have live pre-order updates like when waiting for our Uber or Doordash. This is just not the case right now.  The only real updates we can give you at this time come when the skates are delivered to our shop. We can ask the factory for updates but all we get from them is " it will be 12 weeks from the order date". We understand this may be longer than we once told you. The truth is this industry was not prepared for this large of a growth in such a short time.  Skate Ratz has two owners Kristin and Bryan. Joe and Sam ( Evil-Ex) are our great employees. This is 4 people working together to run the retail store, online sales,build roller skates, shipping and receiving. We all wear many hats to offer the very best customer service as possible.  Believe me its getting very hard to answer the many questions and update requests every day ... We do apologize if we do miss an email , text , DM or facebook message. FYI there is no chance we can begin to reply to every comment on FB or Instagram so it best to send a message or email. We do want to give you the best info we can , so here is what we can offer at this time.  

Riedell / Moxi is telling us most special orders will take about 12 weeks to build. This is just a guideline; it may be longer or shorter because of many factors. Some factors are volume of orders, availability of material, quality control and shipping time. It takes many people to order, hand build and ship these roller skates.  This to be said Skate Ratz has many skates on order besides your pre orders.  Some customers have cancelled their pre-orders, but we still keep the skates on order, so at some point the 12 week waiting period will get back to the normal 2 to 6 weeks that we told you in May and June. If your order is older than 12 weeks please contact us and we will look into this. 

We are thanking you for your understanding and patience. If life will not allow you to wait any longer for the roller skate; the stock order can be canceled or changed.  The custom boots will be harder to cancel but they seem to come a little faster anyway. Again live updates are not really possible at this time. When the skates come into our shop we will ship them ASAP and email you the tracking info. 

We thank you for your support!  We all will be out skating soon!!

Kristin, Bryan, Sam and Joe.