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Powerdyne Arius NTS plates ( set of two plates )

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ThePowerDyne Arius NTS was designed specifically with the rhythm skater in mind. With recommendations from rhythm skaters all over, the Arius NTS ditches the toe stop all together. When combined with the revolutionary design elements of the original Arius, the result is a plate that is lighter, stronger, more stable, more powerful, more maneuverable, more durable, and more efficient than any other rhythm plate on the market. The Arius NTS is finished in an anodized matte black color for a sleek and stylish look that will be sure to turn some heads when you are rolling at the rink. Each Arius NTS set comes with 4 sets of Arius Butterfly Cushions so you can tailor your ride for your exact needs.
Included Hardware:

Axel Nuts
Mounting bolts and nuts

PowerDyne Arius NTS Plate Features:

Removed toe stop specifically for the needs of a rhythm skater
Unmatched stability and response in a simplified, revolutionary design
6061 series heat-treated lightweight extruded aircraft aluminum plate
Anodized, matte black finish
Progressive Lateral Movement creates efficient pressure while eliminating traditional stress points that cause breakage
Precision-machined aluminum trucks with chromoly steel axles (8 mm)
Unique urethane Butterfly Cushion design requires no adjustment – simply install and start skatingSold in pairs

4 sets of cushions included for exact tuning (hardness ranging from soft to hard)

Powerdyne Arius NTS plates ( set of two plates ) Reviews

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