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Moxi Skates - Beach Bunny - Periwinkle Sunset - Indoor / Outdoor Roller Skates


 Moxi Skates - Beach Bunny - Periwinkle Sunset  - Indoor / Outdoor Roller Skates 

With the Beach Bunny line, classic Moxi fashion has never been more affordable! The Beach Bunny features a traditional high top boot with thoughtful touches including drum-dyed vinyl uppers for more authentic color saturation and additional ankle padding that provides comfort and security whether you’re cruising down the boulevard or ripping up your favorite skate park. Bright laces that shine in the sun add to the fashion-forward design of the Beach Bunny, and the moisture-wicking Dri-Lex™ liner is printed with a custom pattern that was designed from scratch by Moxi team members for a skate that is 100% Moxi, inside and out. Complete with glittery high rebound urethane outdoor wheels and a pair of matching toe caps, the Beach Bunny is ready to accompany you on your next adventure!


Please use the size chart as a tool but know the true test is when you get them on your feet.


Drum-dyed vinyl upper

Custom Moxi Dri-Lex™ lining

PVC unit outsole and heel

Curved collar for added comfort

Ankle padding

Matching drum-dyed vinyl toe caps

Bright polyester laces

High rebound outdoor wheels with glitter

Available sizes:

Blue Sky 1-10 Full Only – Medium width

Peach Blanket 1-10 Full Only – Medium width

Periwinkle Sunset 1-10 Full Only – Medium width

Set Components

Boot:Moxi Beach Bunny

Plate:Marvel aluminum

Wheels:Moxi Beach Bunny 58mm 78A


Toe stop:Adjustable black

Moxi Skates - Beach Bunny - Periwinkle Sunset - Indoor / Outdoor Roller Skates Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Moxi are Beautiful Skates!

Posted by Kristen Moore on Jul 28 2020

Beautiful Skates, delivery was excellent
Had to give them to a friend, ordered the wrong size, but will order from y’all again when my size comes in

My only complaint is customer service, I would have liked to talk to someone over the phone, going through emails a few sentences at a time leaves the wrong tone -

Moxi beach bunny skates

Posted by Chris Gomez on Dec 25 2019

Was shipped and received on schedule. Perfect fit. Very comfortable. These skates are worth the money! Others had to be returned to Amazon because they were much lower quality and painful. Go Moxi!

Awesome Skates!

Posted by M. Miller on Feb 06 2019

I did a lot of research on these skates and was so happy to find a shop in my state that sells them!! I also love that they were shipped free! I also got a moxi skate leash to carry my skates around! Totally perfect! So happy I got them! There is a youtube video on planet roller skate channel, that video helped me make the decision to get these! The crew at Sk8ratz were cool and great with all my questions!

Moxi Beach Bunny Periwinkle Sunset

Posted by Angie on Nov 07 2018

I love these skates! I got these for my daughter a few days after I got mine. I’ve had mine for a week now and I’ve skated in them in everyday. They’re well on their way to being completely broken in but my feet have suffered a bit, but just the usual stuff. They’re really tight when you get them so loosen everything, it made a world of difference. The toe stop is junk honestly but whatever, I intended to change it out right away anyway. Of course there’s better skates but these are amazing for the price!!