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Mini Logo Militant Skateboard Bearings 8mm ( set of 8 bearings )


If you are ordering bearings for Rollerskates, please order TWO sets of 8 Bearings. A pair of Rollerskates requires 16 bearings total.



  • Incredibly durable and affordable
  • Skate Rated™ = engineered for skateboarding
  • Low maintainence, high quality

About Mini Logo™ Bearings

Mini Logo™ precision bearings are Skate Rated to Skate One specifications. They feature removable shields on both sides, high-speed molded ball retainers, and precision-ground, super-finished hardened chromium steel races and balls. For high performance out of the box, they're pre-lubricated with our Speed Cream.

  • Skate Rated™ and produced by the industry's leading bearing manufacturer
  • Closely monitored quality control to ensure consistent, high performance
  • Shields on both sides of the bearing for added durability
  • Completely service-able and lubricated with low viscosity BONES™ Speed Cream®
  • Lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects

Set of 8 bearings

Mini Logo Militant Skateboard Bearings 8mm ( set of 8 bearings ) Reviews

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Posted by Cristal on Aug 07 2020

These were perfect for my roller skate wheels I love them I will continue to buy from them.