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Atom Skates - Bionic Bushings

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Bionic Bushings feature high-rebound elastomer for long life and superior response. Available in: blue-soft | red-medium | yellow-hard

Atom Skates - Bionic Bushings Reviews

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Atom Skates Bionic Bushings (Blue-Soft)

Posted by Bill on Feb 18 2019

Switching out the bushings on my Falcon Plus plate trucks completely changed the way they feel on the rink.
The F-16 trucks come stock with red/firm bushings. I weigh 195 lbs, spend 4+ hours skating at a pretty moderate pace having fun as a rink floor guard. My skates feel quicker and more maneuverable with the softer bushings. If/when I go to "race mode" I may switch back, but for now, this was a good adjustment.