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187 Killer Pads - Wrist Guards | Black | Skateboarding | Roller Skating | Inline Skate


187 Killer Pads - Wrist Guards  | Black | Skateboarding | Roller Skating | Inline Skate

The 187 wrist guard is the optimum solution for wrist protection. Its design encases the wrist to provide safety from certain injuries related to skating and other action sports.


- Angled design conforms to hand for excellent fit
- Reinforced thumb hole and palm increase longevity
- Ballistic nylon with industrial-weight stitching ensures durability
- Padded interior provides increased comfort
- Extra thick splint gives concentrated protection at base of hand where most hard impacts occur


To ensure a perfect wrist guard fit, measure hand circumference at the knuckles and match to the sizes listed below:

JR: 6 - 7in

X-Small: 7 - 8in

Small: 8 - 9in

Medium: 9 - 10in

Large: 10 - 11in

PRO TIP: If your measurements are in-between the sizes shown or you’re simply in doubt, we strongly recommend sizing up to the larger size. We have found over the years that customers do better when they choose the larger size.

187 Killer Pads - Wrist Guards | Black | Skateboarding | Roller Skating | Inline Skate Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

Wrist guards

Posted by Sarah on Jan 18 2022

These are great for any roller sport and provide lots of protection for the wrist and palms. They are a little too stiff for my liking as the have a plate in the plan and on the back on the wrist. Overall good product for the price

Saved my wrists

Posted by Daisy on Sep 14 2021

Get these! The Velcro is very sticky and the wrist guard is super supportive. Had a bad fall where I stuck my hands in front of me glad I had these on definitely saved me


Posted by merrly on Aug 24 2020

Great wrist guards that protect my wrists after many falls. Very well made. Fits stiff at first then stretches out to fit to your hand with use.

187 Killer Pads - Wrist Guards - Black

Posted by melina staal on Jul 07 2020

measured my wrists and used the sizing chart for a great fit. sturdy and well made.

Well Made

Posted by Wack on Feb 15 2019

I have tried several pairs of wrist guards. These are the only ones I have found that last longer than several months. Highly Recommend.

187 wrist guards

Posted by Booty Vicious on Apr 20 2018

I have used and abused these wrist guards. For the price they've held up to the beating I've put them through. Just bought my second pair.

All you need in a wrist guard—just get the right size

Posted by Smommy on May 12 2017

I ordered the wrist guard according to the size suggestions given online, however, it was a size too big. With wrist guards a size too big is a problem because they can hurt you more than they protect you. Used them once and almost sprained my wrist, and ended up with chafing on both wrist. Bottom line; be careful in choosing your size.

35year old skateboarding dad the kiddos are covered with these rad pads.

Posted by Unknown on Jul 04 2016

35 year old skateboarding dad these pads save me and the kiddos from an E.R. trip. Exceptional pads.